My last trip to Malaysia, the first time…

My last trip to the project in Malaysia was in January 2005. Over the course of 4 months (October to January), I wandered to Malaysia three times (each time for at least 2-3 weeks). It was a long project, and I worked on some pieces while I was remote (in Indiana and other travels). I enjoyed learning about the country that is Malaysia. Part of the cool factor for me, on the way home I got to spend a long weekend with my parents (they were in Bangkok Thailand at the time).

I decided on this last post about Malaysia, from my four trips to the magical place, one of the things to do was to talk about my food experience. First, I love the Malaysian dish Beef Rendang (may be spelled incorrectly). I also loved the fun Malaysia version of the Indian Dish Chicken Tika. Both of those were things I had within 24 hours of landing at the KL airport. I enjoyed the many mall experiences. I often, because of the heat, walked around the mall. There is one attached to the Petronas Towers called KLCC. There is another indoor shopping location attached directly to the JW Marriott hotel, so I had plenty of places to walk without being outside and melting.

Every time I saw the team from Malaysia (I would see them at company events) we would always joke about the project director role. It was our badge of honor, from the four long months of figuring out what the applications the company had deployed did. When we started we began working with a partner out of Vietnam. FPT demonstrated not only that they were amazing partners, but also they added so much to the team. I am honored to consider the many people I met while in KL my friends.


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