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Wander project Maine, Day 3 first!

For the next few days, the pictures from our three days in the state of Maine. Maine is as far north in the United States as you can go in the US unless you go to Alaska. The town of Portland ME is a great place to visit. Founded in the 1600s but destroyed during the revolutionary war. The town was rebuilt. The best part of going to Maine, for me has always been getting Lobster Rolls and lobster tails by Get Maine lobster. I love Lobster rolls. We did get them! We also got a lot of other fun pictures, memories, and pictures. The pictures shared today are of our last day. In particular, because I wanted to share the one picture of my wife and me in Portland Maine. My wife is sitting in a Lobster Chair. It was a lobster Rocker, and she spotted it as we were walking.

Not, you have to rock a Lobster to sleep while sitting in the chair. Rather than the chair was made out of an old Lobster Cage. I didn’t sit in the chair, I truly didn’t think it looked that comfortable. The shop keeper came out and took the pictures for us. We had decided to talk a walking tour on our last day of the Old Harbor and the arts district. There are many buildings that were rebuilt after Portable ME was destroyed.  The Lobster chair was in a story that was facing the water. We parked our car in a lot and headed towards lunch. We were on our third stop, and I will talk about the other stoops over the next few days. But this was around lunchtime before the start of our long walk.

We were going to go to a raw bar for lunch. But sadly, between where we parked and the raw bar, there was a Lebanese restaurant. My wife loved Mediterranean food more than anything on earth. She, because we had decided to go to the raw bar, was walking past the Lebanese place, but I couldn’t let her do that. It is her all-time favorite food, so we had lunch there.  That restaurant was about a ½ block before we encountered the Lobster Trap chair. It was also about three blocks before we found a metal artisan and got two Labs. Well, we got two pewter labs to bring home. We also went into every single pet store on the walk. We were missing the dogs. We met a Chocolate Newfoundland on the walk. It may have been the prettiest dog I’ve ever seen.


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