Wander project London (at night, from inside a cab)!

One night in the cold and damp London winter, we choose to take a cab to see the city. We were literally in meetings from 8 in the morning until six at night. Two of the nights we went out to dinner with the customer, one of the nights we all decided to hop in a London Cab and see the city at night. I have to admit that what follows below are some of the worst pictures I’ve ever shared. They are poorly framed, bad light effects and shaky because of motion. Our cabbie was a hoot, sharing the history of London as we drove around. I suspect I would have been better off recording him rather than trying to take pictures out of a moving cab, but hindsight remains 2020.

I traveled before 9/11, and after 9/11 and honestly other than tighter security, I never went to a place (well I did once) that I didn’t feel safe. I did go places where I was so exhausted I had to drag myself out to see things in the evenings. But never did I feel unsafe. I try to walk every single day so, I would often land and explore. I seldom arrived in another country where I landed and had to rush to a meeting (the first trip I made to Ireland was like that. Land, rush and meet with the team). For the most part, people respected the concept of travel days. Let you unwind from being cooped up all night in an airplane. I would land and get to my hotel via whatever method was easiest.

Sometimes I took a cab; sometimes they sent a limo. Sometimes, like London, I would tide the metro. Once I got to the hotel, I would head out for a stroll. In Prague just around the corner from where I stayed was the bar where Franz Kafka wrote Metamorphosis. In Ireland, I stopped by the pub where James Joyce often sat and wrote.  In Brussels, we wandered to the comic book museum to see some of the original works by the creator of the TinTin comics. All of the places are but moments in time. I much prefer traveling with my family than I did doing all this business travel. But, it was fun to hop in a cab and see London at night. The sad reality is most of the captured images of that ride, are, well not that good.


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