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Wander project Holiday World…

Holiday World is an amusement park located in Santa Claus Indiana. Once upon a time, it was called something else. I remember going to the park as a kid, probably 8 or 9 years old. I believe it was called Santa Claus Land originally. It became more politically correct and became Holiday World in the late 70;s or ’80s. It, Holiday World was always a mix of rides, fun and interesting shops. I remember watching the glass blower for hours. The park today, is laid out with a rides area, holiday’s area and a children’s area. The first time we went to the park we spent most of our time in the kid’s area. The water park was built between our first and second visit (about two years). On the second visit, we spent most of the day in the water park.

We tried out family radios to stay in touch splitting up. I took the twins to the kid’s section while my wife and daughter went right to the water park. FRS or the Family Radio Service like Citizens Band (or CB) radios operate on an unlicensed spectrum. What that means is that unlike HAM radio you are limited in how far your signal can go, around 10 miles or less for SSB CB, and roughly 15 miles or less for FRS. Contained in a 40-acre theme park, there was no way we would be more than 10 miles apart. We were never more than a mile apart. We did switch off a couple of times. Our daughter liked to ride certain rides, so we would split who was with each group. We did do a few things as a family, as well.

We would meet at the gates before lunch and wander to the van. As with most amusement parks, the food selection was minimal, fries, hotdogs, burgers, and Pizza. So we usually brought lunch with us. We would walk out to the van and have lunch. Or take our lunch to one of the picnic areas. Holiday World also was famous for the fact that they never changed you for water or soft drinks. They had shed all over the park where you could go, get a drink for free and move on. The reason for mentioning that is I think I am still paying for water purchased during our last trip to Disney World. Drinks in those parks are expensive. But that is a different kind of park experience. PS. I’ll end with the fact that the glass blower is still at Holiday World.

I love watching glass blowing!

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