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Wander project have you heard from any Dinosaurs lately?

I read a post (the link is below), and it got me thinking. Have you heard from any of your dinosaur friends recently? I read the article by Vidocka, and I rushed to my inbox to verify, I haven’t gotten an email from a dinosaur in a long time. It made me realize that maybe they were finally extinct. They certainly are no longer emailing me. So I thought, well, nobody emails right, I will check voicemail. I listened to all the messages in my voicemail. Not a single one was from a dinosaur. No allosaurs, no triceratops, not one dinosaur had called and left me a voice mail in the past two years. Maybe, they did before that time. Perhaps the voicemails from Dinosaurs stopped around two years ago.

So I thought to myself, let’s check SMS messages. Right? I mean, they might have texted me. You know, hit up my digits with a message. I checked my SMS. It went back for three years. I did not have any notes. I didn’t have anything, not a single word from a dinosaur. A couple from people I haven’t talked to in a bit, so I figure today when I am on my lunch break I will take a couple of o minutes and call them. They aren’t dinosaurs, though. The reality of no SMS messages and no email made me uncomfortable. Were dinosaurs extinct? Were they truly gone? Is it true then that dinosaurs no longer walking on this planet? Ok, most of them were huge; they didn’t walk; they were more plodders as they slowly moved around the earth.

Wait a minute; it cannot be true that the dinosaurs are gone, right? So I figure, a dinosaur, old fashioned right? Perhaps wearing horn-rimmed glasses and with the glasses pushed down on their nose, grabbing a piece of Dinosaur stationery and writing a letter! Probably, scenting the message as people used to do, they are after old fashioned. So I ran tot eh mailbox. It was empty. Ok, so I figure one of the kids got the mail. It was on the table, but NOT a single letter from a dinosaur, two bills, and a chance to save 1000s of dollars if I bought a car this weekend. But not a letter from a dinosaur. I realized the article might be right. Dinosaurs might be extinct.

Where oh where have they gone, the Dinosaurs?


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