Wander project Greenwood (the pool redux)!

I am going to take some time away from my blogs over the next few days. I don’t know how many days but I am not going to post every day for a bit. Everyone needs a chance to recharge. For the most part, I have posted my blogs every single day for the past 12 years. I do take occasional days off, in this case, I may drop down to one or two blogs. We are heading off to Maine for vacation. My daughter and her fiancé are going to house sit for us.  The dogs are going with us, well two of the four dogs are going. Two are staying with their owners. Raven and Dylan don’t know they are going. They will see the suitcases and do their transitional panic. Running from person to person in the house trying to find out what is going on.

Back in the day of these pictures, it was the time of Gwen and Fran. We got Fran the summer after the pool. Gwen hated the pool in Cincinnati and Greenwood. She would never go near the pool. She would sit on the side and bark at the kids when they were loud. Gwen was a grouchy old lady at a very young age for a lot of reasons. Her “owner” used to scream at anyone that asked her to take the poor dog (she picked) outside. I ended up taking the dog out; it wasn’t worth the screaming. Green loved being out in the backyard; we had fences in two of the three houses we lived in.  Gwen never really understood the twins, although she learned very early on to sit between their two high chairs.

I did learn a valuable lesson from the screaming around Gwen however. I made the twins agree up front as to the rules before we adopted Raven. The rules were simply they would feed her, bathe her and take her on a walk every day. There has been some complaining, but nowhere near the screaming poor Gwen dealt with. We also made life a lot easier for everyone by adding a dog door. That lets the dogs go out int eh fenced backyard when they need to do so. We don’t have to let them out. We do take them out the front door for walks and other events. But when they need to pee, they can run outside using the dog door, and we don’t have to let them out. We got a dog door in Greenwood on our back deck. Even though both Fran and Gwen were adult dogs, they learned how to use the dog door very quickly. Fran even learned to use the new type of door we got in Maryland.


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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Enjoy your much deserved vacation Doc. Your blogs and photos will be missed. I am sure you will catch up when you return. Enjoy the moments!