Wander Project Greenwood IN

Over the years there were some cameras used. First, they were point and shoot film cameras. We scanned all those pictures. Then there were a variety of digital pictures. Sadly, the first 1200 pictures that at that time represented nearly three years of pictures were lost with a computer. One copy, on one computer, cost me some cool pictures of a very young daughter!  I have five or more copies of my pictures now. In the age of cheap hard drives, it doesn’t cost you anything to have a drive that you unplug that has all your pictures on it. Then unplug it and put it somewhere safe! The pictures today came from a Sony Video camera, We used to have a video camera and a digital camera for many years.

We still do, but I haven’t used the video camera in a long time. I would list it on eBay, but honestly, it is worth more to me for emergencies than it is to get the 100 bucks I would get for selling it. Funny, how at some point the reality of timing impacts you. The pictures are of the pool in the summer. The sparkle of the water is always something I enjoy seeing. The sparkle of pictures of the water is something I enjoy more. I don’t have to clean the pool anymore. I spent 2-3 hours or more every single weekend cleaning and preparing the pool. It was a process that started the end of April (preparing to open the pool) and went to the middle of October (preparing to close the pool).

The twins are younger in these pictures, look to be 2 or 3 years old. You can see a couple of pictures of them in their flotation swimmy suits. Those swimmy suits were a great find by my wife. They kept the twins safe. Our daughter could already swim at that point, the swimmy suits keep the twins safe. It allowed us to let them go down the slide and jump off the diving board without us worrying or having to be ready to dive into the pool. You heard the tragic stories all the time of parents realizing their children aren’t safe with a pool. We worked very hard to make sure our pool was always safe. That was why we banned a number of the kids from the neighborhood from our pool. They were risky at best!


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Written by DocAndersen

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