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Wander project Greenwood and more Snow!

Ending a long day playing in the snow with a  Hot Cocoa makes everything just right. Or chicken soup, or tomato soup which is my personal favorite. Hot drink, hot soup and warming up inside after playing in the snow all day. It isn’t, by the way, as my twins have told me, the same when you have to shovel the driveway all day! Then you are tried, not good tired, bad tired. The tired that makes you just want to take a nap, not have Hot Cocoa.

Another thought that occurred to me was the dogs. Fran, the Lab, loved snow. Gwen, the shepherd, did not like snow. She used to live her paws high in the air and tried with every step to not land on snow. She would go out long enough to pee, and then scamper back into the house freezing. Fran, on the other hand, would stay outside with the kids all day. She loved being outside with the kids anyway, but the snow was even more fun for her. She was a water dog that would never go into the water.

We still have one dog that doesn’t like snow (Tamsyn) and three dogs (Raven, Dylan, and Serenity) that love snow. Dylan and Raven’s favorite walks involve pushing through snow, the more snow, the better. But back at the time of these pictures, there was a young Fran, out playing with the kids in the snow. There was an old Gwen inside, trying to find a place in the house to stay warm. And the band played on.


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Written by DocAndersen

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