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Wander project finishing up the photo challenge!

Wandering the last few pictures more because there are some interesting pictures and I am closing out on the challenge goal. It has taken me 364 days to post 361 pictures. I am only four away from finishing. First off I am proud of the fact that I will be able to finish a year’s posting in only 368 days. It is something that I can say I did. I am not sure I would ever do anything challenge like that. It took a lot of effort and a lot of changing my way of looking at things daily. The rules for the contest simply posted a picture for every day of the 365. The pictures were not supposed to be more than seven days old, and I have managed actually to achieve that. There were lots of people that started the contest with me. Very few people have finished.

I started the challenge in the second wave of people. The first wave of people started in early November 2017. Some people finished early by posting more than one picture, but the goal was to post a picture a day for a year. The second wave started a little after the early group, about a week and I was part of that second wave of posters. There were more than 100 people at the beginning of the challenge; I suspect there are very few lefts now. Some have started later, and they are most welcome to do so and to keep posting! During the challenge, I’ve shared many different types of pictures. I wanted to do a year in review post before I finish (4 days to go).

I’ve posted still images of the weather from my weather station. Occasionally my thumb has shared pictures. Not my choice, but my thumb insisted that everyone does it. I asked my thumb if everyone jumped off a bridge would my thumb, it said yes, and it would take me with it. That felt like a threat, so I’ve managed to avoid thumb pictures the past few posts. I’ve also shared pictures of the dogs that live with me — the boat, Annapolis, and many other places I’ve wandered to in the past year. Honestly, the next four posts are going to be fun! On Wednesday of this week (November 28th) I will be posting my last 365 Day Challenge photo, that should end the contest! Point your camera, click the button and take a picture, then share that picture!

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  1. “Some people finished early by posting more than one picture, but the goal was to post a picture a day for a year”…. The reason I posted more than one is because I went several days after my Dad died without posting. Good for you on being almost done.

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