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Wander project camera roll wander!

I haven’t done this in a while, wandering the old pictures I took a while ago. I take about 10% of my pictures with my phone. It is more pictures that are a spur of the moment. If I am certain that there will be a picture opportunity, I take my camera. But there are times when I realize that something is interesting and I capture the picture with my phone. Over the past few years, the amount of cellular pictures has increased. I average 12,000 pictures a year, and per my iTunes picture back up, I have around 8,000 iPhone pictures. Those are roughly from the past seven years. Most of my early camera work with a phone was a quick snapshot of a whiteboard, to capture an idea.

A few of the pictures are strange; The first one is of a goodwill box. We have a goodwill box that we keep in the front room as things are ready to be moved to Goodwill. The rest of the pictures are moments. One was my thumb that I included several different pictures of during the 365-day challenge. One of the thumbs was a phrase the Pittsburgh Steelers used in 1970;s when asked about winning a fifth SuperBowl. But I did the thumb because I can’t help being silly sometimes. There is a picture of the Foodi Ninja throw into the picture collection as well. I suspect having shared some of these before that they just caught my eye this morning. Sometimes, I am looking for inspiration.

Sometimes, I already have the wander in my head. It is after a wander project. Sometimes the pictures are places we have been. Sometimes the pictures are things that were. But the words always wander away from the pictures. So I guess it is the wander with the words and wander with the pictures wander project. I do often take pictures as we of flowers I see. I spend a lot of time outdoors. Some of my neighbors spend hours a week no the way their houses look. I follow the Sheldon Cooper philosophy in the summer. Humans have spent thousands of years perfecting inside; why would I go outside when it is nasty. I still go, the labs want to walk — Anyway, end of my wander today.


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