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Wander project buzz cuts an Bangkok!

The first time in my life when I was younger that I saw a White Elephant was Dusit Zoo Bangkok, Thailand. The white elephants in Thailand are traditionally gifted to the king. They are very rare. It is a skin condition, and White Elephants do not do as well in direct sunlight. When we took the kids to Thailand, one of the stops was Dusit Zoo. Zoos are somewhat problematic for me. If it is a place focused on caging the animals and allowing humans to roam, I don’t go a second time. Years ago, when we lived in Cincinnati, we had the experience of that zoo. It was open and focused on keeping the animals happy and in a more natural area than other zoos at the time.

Indianapolis built a new zoo that was similar. Miami, the National Zoo Washington DC, and San Deigo are famous (as is the Cincinnati Zoo) for the preservation of animal species. The Washington DC National Zoo has been extremely successful breading Panda’s and then per the rules of the relationship with China returning the Pandas to the wild.

I realize that many people go to zoos. It is a personal choice, and I wish any that go an enjoyable experience.

The last picture is of a flower, from the zoo. One of my happiest things is taking pictures of flowers. I show them to my wife. I told her for years, and I still believe this. The travel pictures I took weren’t real until she saw them. The connection, the relationship that is a marriage, confirms things that happen. I don’t mean that it doesn’t happen; it just carries more weight when I can share it with my wife. So I end today celebrating the relationships that have helped me become who I am. My mother, father, grandparents, and my wife! All of them have contributed to my growth. Don’t, however, tell my wife I said that. I would prefer she not know I said beautiful things! (I am kidding, she knows)!


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  1. Nice photos. Auckland Zoo has made animal enclosures more natural for the type of animals. I see Zoos playing a part in helping animals, especially if they are endangered. They educate people and also may help a species from becoming extinct.
    Zoos are not ideal but it plays a part.

  2. I like rescue and reserve projects more than zoos. I cannot grasp the idea of countries gifting animals to other countries , especially from the tropics to the colder countries or vice versa. It is so unfair to the animals.


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