Wander Project Baltimore

Yesterday we wandered over to Baltimore (and then to the boat). We wanted to stop by the Museum dedicated to innovation. It focuses on collecting pieces by people that are often not considered artists. Tinkerers and buildings so to speak are what they are often called. The Museum is just outside the inner harbor area of Baltimore next to Fort McKinley. The museum is in three converted industrial buildings and is impressive. It sits on a little over an acre of the ground. You can walk from one end to the other in about 10 minutes (there are lots of things to see). The first picture in this series is of a musical bluebird of happiness. It sits at the employee parking lot entrance.

The next pictures are of the museum’s mobile museum. It is a bus that is lit3erally a moving musical. They, the museum team can hop in the decorated museum on wheels, and away they go. Many museums you go to, are all inside, and right at eye level. This museum is all around you. Literally. Above and below, to the side and everywhere. We wandered into the main building of the museum and got our tickets. Then we wandered into the store. Just to see what was in the store. Then we stopped. You could at that point start wandering the museum, or, you could go to the top floor and eat. The restaurant for the facility is on the 3rd floor. We decided to see if the restaurant were something we would consider.

Museums can be hit, or miss when it comes to food.

Not this one, the brunch menu was provided, and we sat outdoors (right next to a  group of medical students talking about school) They also had Avacado Toast, the one thing the twins hate more than anything on earth! There was an article written that said Millenials would rather eat Avadco toast then buy a house and that was destroying the global economy!


What do you think?


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