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wander project a trip to Amsterdam

Today’s pictures are all from Holland. I was there on a business trip. I had time to run around a bit and see more. This was officially my second trip, and I had been to many places s this was a chance to see things I hadn’t already seen. I know over the years of travel, that some places I was in many times. Some places I visited once. Prague is a place I went to one time but had a wonderful host who took me all around the city. Lisbon I was in 3 times, but the first two times I was there with a wonderful host who took me all around the city. Anyone can ride on the tourist bus, and I learned long ago that there is more to a country that what the tourists see. So my second trip to holland was all about what else.

Holland isn’t just canals and tulips. It is one of the friendliest countries on earth.  My second trip was to work with Heineken Corporation (before their acquisition by InBev) to help them move to a new IT platform. I won’t go into the boring technical details. I got to go and help the newest members of the team I was working with at that time. I also got to wander Holland and see the things I had missed the previous trip. One of the things that I did on this trip that I had not done on other trips was exploring alone. The team members that came to work with me all lived a short 2 hour or less plane flight from Amsterman, so on the weekend, they all went home.

That left me places to go. Our customer had taken us to some traditional Dutch and traditional Indonesian places for dinner. Indonesia was a Dutch Colony until after WWII. Now I was getting to wander unfettered. That, was probably not what Holland wanted. Doc unchained wasn’t the best idea. I did spend a lot of time that weekend wandering the city of Amsterdam, and I was still in 2009 running, so I ended up going for a couple of long runs as well. I was tired but had a blast. The hotel I was at butted up to a nice park. So running was a wonderful opportunity to be outside. It was nestled in a friendly neighborhood. I know it was friendly because I got turned around while running and asked for directions! I made it back to the hotel easily!

the canals of amsterdam!

the canals in old town Amsterdam

canals are great places to search for food!

the clouds were amazing

i adore pictures of flowers!

i have a problem when it comes to pictures of signs!


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