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Walk in Crang – Central Park in My Town Buzau. (ROU)

In another article I show you a picture of my husband and my little boy, walking in Crang Park, the central park in my town. The park is dating back to the middle of the 19th century. Was my first or second post in Virily. I did not know I could put more pictures. That’s why I thought to show you other pictures made in this park by me with the phone. There are pictures of summer-winter 2016 and autumn-winter 2017. Besides beautiful alleys where we can rest on a bench to enjoy the view, we can enjoy in Crang a lake, 3 restaurants, 3 playgrounds arranged for children, a chess and carousel, the trampoline, the joy of the little ones, the rental of 2 adults for adults or electric cars for the little ones. You can find me a pot of popcorn, donuts, chips, lollipops, sandwiches, water and soft drinks. It’s a place where when we get there we hardly want to go back home. After seeing these pictures, I hope you’ll be right.

My baby boy and my husband.

On the lake!

As you can see, the park also has a lake where you can ride a hydro-bicycle.


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