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Since adding in-line skating to my workout regime I typically end up with this soreness in my achilles muscle which results in me taking a few days off. My mental mindset is sort of off as well because injuring the achilles muscle is a different level of pain that I do not want to ever experience, so needless to say that I tread lightly when returning to running. 

Today I made my way out to Union Park (West Loop) for a short run. I am still trying to fathom this weather we are getting this fall in Chicago, but I will take it because fall season is the loveliest time to run in. 

For my route, I headed towards downtown Chicago (Loop), but ended up veering off and going into the Fullerton Market District, then back towards Union Park. On my route, I stumbled on a statue titled, the Haymarket Memorial which I just had to get a picture of. Always attracted to memorials that commemorate events from the past.

I am dying to check out this restaurant called ‘Fast Track’. It has been on my radar for a while now.


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