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Top 10 sights to see in Fiji – the summer paradise

It is a crystal clear, turquoise blue water, sunken ships and planes in it, soft sandy beaches, bluish blue sky, endless entertainment … If it sounds like a perfect holiday, flights to Fiji are the right way to travel. From over 100 islands you will definitely choose the one in which the rest will remind you of the most beautiful dream of life. Exotic, wildlife corners, savory dishes, sunny kisses and water attractions leave fun memories for both children and adults.

The island of Fiji offers a classic view of the paradise of the land: the sun’s beloved beaches, the sapphire lagoon, on which stand the houses, palm trees. Fiji landscapes in the imagination – it’s a fairy tale about the charming paradise.

The so-called Fiji heart – Suva – is on the island of Levu. This city is extremely modern, cosmopolitan, surrounded by natural beauty and enchanting lagoons. Here, each traveler will find by his wishes and opportunities to stay in various hotels and guest houses. Even underwater resorts in Fiji are a reality, imagine how the hotel is immersed in water, and you can admire the richness of the coral reef population while you are awake in the morning while you are in soft rooms!

Do not miss the opportunity to go on an adventure to the tropical nature of the islands. Having entered the tropical forests, you will enjoy mountain meadows, various flora and fauna, mangrove forests, and magical waterfalls. After a long journey to one of the tops of the islands, you will enjoy the majestic and endless ocean with some of the bumpy Fiji isles.

The Fiji Islands are famous for luxury resorts, private islands, amazing and best spa treatments, traditional fire dances, special culinary masterpieces and the nature of indescribable beauty. This is a real haven for holiday who like diving, which will delight you in the wonderful world of coral reefs.


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