Top 10 popular sights to see in Greece

The gods did not hurt the Greece, also known as the cradle of the West world culture, giving such a rich history that can be proud of, the wonderful nature and even 1,3666 kilometers of spectacular Mediterranean coastline. However, only about 4000 km of coastline falls on the Greek mainland. Another Greek property – islands – housed the remaining thousands of kilometers of beaches, bays, lagoons. Crete, Kos, Rhodes, the Corfu Islands and the Peloponnese Peninsula are waiting for you for genuine Greek holidays: delicious food, blue sea, cozy beaches, excursions and the sun shines here for even 300 days a year.

Greece with legends and myths, distinguished by the abundance of antique monuments. The picturesque mountains, vineyards, olive and citrus valleys, emerald beaches, the hospitality and temperament of the indigenous people will provide a special charm for trips to Greece.

Greece is one of the most interesting countries in Europe, tempting travelers and tourists with its historical values, the enchanting beauty of nature and secrets of ancient culture. Greece, where life spins in the rhythm of sirca, is already waiting for you.


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