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Top 10 popular sights to see in Finland

Dark, gloomy and cold – stereotypical image of Finland, which is very far from reality. The country meets travelers with modern, fashionable and stylish cities, the beauty of nature and small villages where still feels the ancient spirit. A trip to Finland will leave a memories for a long time.

The trip to Finland for many people is associated with Lapland and Santa Claus. In fact, this is the most popular destination for winter sightseeing tours in the north. Snowy wildlife, 8-week-old polar night with charming glowing and 8-week-long summer is a unique experience for everyone.

In Finland, you can try out what a real sauna is, try deer meat, try a winter snowmobile and dog or deer equipage, visit Santa Claus and his elves and enjoy the true winter, or even test your strength at country ski resorts.

In addition to Lapland’s adventures, there are excellent conditions for hiking trips. Fishing and hunting in Finland are also possible, and it’s easier to organize your trips here.

Enjoy every moment of the trip, because the holiday in Finland is a far north with its unobstructed, unaffected, forests, refreshing lakes, pure, fresh air and the most advanced cities. And where’s the never-ending winter fun in the mountains or the magical and mysterious auroras that flood the sky with the most beautiful colors.


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