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Top 10 most famous places to visit in Taiwan

Taiwan is a state officially owned by China located in East Asia, Taiwan and several smaller islands between Japan and the Philippines. Taiwan by its shape is most resembling a tobacco leaf. The central part of the country crosses the Tropic of Cancer. Portuguese in the sixteenth century called the island Ilha Formosa (Port of Perfect Island) and this name has been used to this day to highlight ancient Taiwan.

After the Second World War, the poor China province turned into a modern, dynamic high tech country, but at the same time miraculously preserved its nature, culture, and traditions. How did they succeed?

There are many similarities with China. It is hard to distinguish traditions, almost no difference between language and writing, culture, food, people’s appearance. I think those who have been in China would name more differences because the situation here is really strange. Like the country itself.


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  1. One gotta love Taiwan! It’s such a lovely place! I was lucky to have a roommate from Taiwan and I claim that even the people are amazing, not only his country! Excellent post! Thank you for presenting us this beauty!

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