Scenes From Local Mall

Monday, July 9, 2018

My latest iPhone photography artwork.

Last week, when I went to Spectrum Center for Improv Night, I arrived there early to go window shopping. I decided to take two snapshots of a window display. I thought this was interesting because it looked like a movie poster for dystopia. This window display was actually animated because the robot leg was moving in running motion on a continuous basis.

I took a close-up snapshot of the same window display to get a part of the bionic animated robot leg, and the reflection of the mall. I like the reflection of the palm trees near adirondack white chairs, which gives the scene a surreal tropical Southern Cali snapshot. There is also some snippets of mysterious darkness–robotic leg in motion as well as the reflection of Obelisk.

As I walk down one of the mall’s alleys, I noticed some promotion for China Airlines and Taiwan as well as Ontario International Airport. I haven’t been to that airport since the 90s.

I walk through it..

I also noticed a lot of Japanese stores in the mall. This is might be all a part of the new mall’s remodeling phase.


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