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Sky Sunday _ Newmarket Manukau Road

Gives you an impression of Newmarket, Auckland. I liked the sky, but my finger got caught on the cell phone, my broken arm gets sore and it gets hard to hold things while driving…No, I was told not to drive with my arm in a cast. My husband was driving.

We were lucky today, not many cars through here on Sunday. I have driven through Newmarket on a weekday and it took me 2 hours. I won’t do that on a week day again.

What do you think?

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    • Yes Lado, even just crossing the street is something to get used to, I advise anyone coming to New Zealand to get plenty of rest and take breaks when driving here. There is a lot of glare in our sunlight too. Get very good quality sunglasses, that take the glare out of it as well as UV rays, not only to look good but do the job sunglasses should do

      • For me personally, the drive on the left side of the real adventure, dear Pamela … you have to be really completely concentrated and focused only on the road so you do not do any stupidity

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