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Sky Sunday – Reach for the Sky

I had it all worked out, our Sunday drive. We take the car out and go where ever for a short day adventure.

Until, I spotted 5 Harvard planes taking off by Ardmore Airport. “Change of plans!” I said. We went straight to the Airport Cafe to watch the action.

Ever had a “change of Plans?”

The weather had intermittent showers or squalls of rain. 

The thumbnail shows a plane returning to Ardmore and an indicator of today’s weather..

#1 War Birds Harvard


#2 On the Ground

Control tower in the background.

#3 Three Formation


I used to watch pilots training in Harvards a very long time ago.

#4 The Take off

Incoming Rain.

#5 Two Harvards

Waiting to go into their place after landing.

#6 Rainfall.

Manipulated but is as it is.

Rain coming out of the spouting.

#7 Two Harvards

Flying over head

#8 Helicopter

There are always helicopters at Ardmore airport.

What do you think?

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