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SHOPPING @ TESCO Thailand + Uniqlo

My family went for a regular visit to a nearby grocery mall, Tesco Lotus, here in Phuket, Thailand.

Check out some grocery items, buy one take ones, play area, and UniQlo inside the supermarket. We did a little bit of shopping. My wife got a bag from uniqlo and I got a piece of necktie from the men’s area at the supermarket.

Tesco is the leading supermarket in Thailand and they have hundreds of branches all over Thailand. There are Tescos in Malaysia but I am not sure if it’s the same company or not. It’s a one-stop shopping area that includes not only a supermarket but some restaurant chains too like McDonald’s, MK, Pizza Company and more. It has big clothing shops too like Giordano and UniQlo. It also houses local banks, mobile phone shops, pharmacies, salons and others.

If you happen to come to Thailand and need some shopping to do, Tesco is one of the cheapest places to go so please come and visit.


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