Wander project Greenwood Indiana and Today!

Today is a reflecting on the boys wander project. We are heading back to their elementary school days which were all in Indiana. Greenwood Indiana to be exact. Greenwood is not part of Indianapolis (it is located in Johnson County, Indianapolis is Marion County. The entire county, Marion, was annexed into the city of Indianapolis many years ago). Greenwood is a city that as a child we used to travel from Bloomington to Greenwood to go shopping. In part because there weren’t as many stores in Bloomington then as there are now. Plus I think my mom likes to travel and shop.

The wander Indiana project that Jakki, and then later the boys did, inspired my wander blogs. This being one of those blogs. Another thing that the boys had to do, and that Jakki had to do was to pick a famous historical Indiana legend, or hero and dress up like that person for a presentation. I am not going to tell you who the boys are in the pictures. Just that they were a famous character, figure or hero from Indiana’s past. Feel free to guess!

I am looking at old pictures of the boys today because this is their first day of College. As a parent, I am proud of the choices and the people all three of them have become. That sense of pride is increased by the way they act towards others. Jakki is taking a class with the boys; their very first college class will be the only class that they (the boys) have ever taken in the same school and with their older sister. That makes me feel good about the boys settling into college; older sister is there to help!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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