Top 10 most famous sights to see in Jordan

The Jordanian capital is Amman, an ancient times it was called Philadelphia. Amman is the best place for shopping and souvenirs in Jordan. East Amman – the old city, the poorer area, is Islamic and very conservative, and Western Aman is an entirely different western world with luxurious hotels, cafes, art galleries, luxury residential districts. Famous places: Roman Theater, Odon and Citadel, mosques. You can visit Archeology, Ethnography, Automobile Museums. Travel to Madaba, 3500 years old and famous for old mosaics. The most famous mosaic is the oldest map of the Holy Land, dating Emperor Justiniano. Go to Mount Nebo, where there is a memorial to the Prophet Moses. From the hill there is an unforgettable view of the Promised Land.

Petra is one of Jordan’s most beautiful and spectacular tourist attractions. Petra – 2200 years ago, carved in between inaccessible mountains. Even in our time it is possible to reach it only on foot or on horses. Spend the day in a spectacular red city, which is considered an architectural masterpiece. The city that was hidden from the mountains over the centuries was forgotten and re-discovered in 1812. Temples, palaces, monasteries, dwelling houses in caves, grave sites, amphitheater with 3000 people will leave an unforgettable memories.


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