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Rotorua Lake Okareka

This is Lake Okareka and a progression of the Duck tours

I wanted to see the transition of this vehicle from water to land. I will assume wheels came out when the time it began to hit ground. Or wheels went in when the vehicle was out of it’s depth.

Some landscapes here as well.

To be more complete I will need to do the Duck tours myself.

The Thumbnail is the landscape without the Jetty

#1 Old Photo of Lake Okareka

As it was in the morning of mist 

2 points

#2 More recent view

2 points

#3 The Duck Tour vehicle

Here it comes........

2 points

#4 Getting closer

It seems to be slow

2 points

#5 Maybe a transition?

Engines can be heard

2 points

#6 Still Arriving

I think the wheels are out

2 points

#7 Two visitors

Forget the Duck imitations the Duck vehicle is gone, they came to see me.

2 points

#8 They don’t have any problems here

You can see the back wheels

1 point

#9 All out and intact

All the passengers  blow a Duck imitation pipe as they come out

1 point

#10 Acadia Road Reserve at Lake Okareka

1 point

What do you think?

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