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Ohinewai, New Zealand

Do you ever drive and see something odd on the side of the road, and feel tempted to go and have a look? Or wonder where that particular road leads to and what is there to be found?

Well, I always have felt somehow drawn to the Waikato district or south of Auckland. Im not sure why.

However, going South from Auckland, there is these Kaimai Ranges and one of these hills looks like a pyramid in a range of mountains. You can’t stop on the highway, because there is simply no where to stop.

So I turned off an off ramp called Ohinewai or Tahuna. Ohinewai is next to the Waikato river and Tahuna is an undiscovered place, I won’t call it a town. Before you get to Ohinewai there is a disused building that used to employ wool scourers.

#1 Closer up view of the Pyramid mountain

Looking from the off ramp.

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#2 Then I zoomed in to this Pyramid mountain

Quite impressive. It's a rather steep climb.

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#3 Interesting drift wood

I find these interesting to do pen & ink work.

  1. Thanks Kim, I should get on to that pen & ink. Im finishing off a Squirrel in pen & ink but as I did not take the photo of the Squirrel and only saw one live a very long time ago in London, I feel I don’t have the right but will do it anyway.

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#4 Ohinewai view of Rail Way track

The main trunk line from Auckland to Wellington. Im standing on a bridge looking north.

#5 Another view of the Pyramid mountain and countryside

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Written by Pamela Moresby