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Moving Targets…..Sunset on the Move

Here at the end of a very long drive I took photos just as we came over the Bombay hills to Auckland city and go home.

I couldn’t ignore the beautiful sunset scenery and so made rapid shots with the camera and these photos are some of the results.

All the views moving targets, some hit the mark.

#1 Silhouettes against the Sky

Taken at Runciman or Ramarama

7 points

#2 The Sun setting brightly

A photo taken with clouds

7 points

#3 Sun Rays

This view was taken many times by the camera. Couldn't ignore it.

7 points

#4 Coming down the Bombay Hill

Auckland in view and cars for miles ahead.

6 points

#5 The Burning sunset view and clouds.

6 points

#6 Toi toi Silhouette

Against the sunset calm sky

6 points

#7 Traffic lights

Now we are at Wiri.

6 points

#8 Silhouette at Wiri

We took a short cut home went around the back blocks to avoid rush hour traffic. 

6 points

#9 Traffic Lights

You get the picture of lights and silhouettes.

6 points

What do you think?

9 points


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