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Meet St. Paul Peterburg

Meet St. Paul Petersburg

After  city  Moskow,  St. Peterburg  is also the most important city in Russia.

It is located in the northwest of the country. It was founded in 1703 on the orders of then-Russian King Peter I.

For nearly two centuries it was the capital of Russia.

It is renowned for its beauty and is therefore called Venice in the north.

It houses palaces in Baroque style, has a network of canals and magnificent bridges whose number is impressive. Over 540 bridges.

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Bridge Anicikov


It was built by the office of Emperor Peter I, who did not begrudge money to build a city that would represent an artwork.

And he did it.

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In addition to the imperial palace, it was a winter palace. It is now Heremitaz

One of the largest museums in the world with a large number of exhibits. The collections of the Cathedral of Christ’s crucifix are an extraordinary artwork. When you look at the cathedral you see a beautiful artwork.

The ride on the Neva River leaves you with a lasting memory.

If you have time, visit their Marine Theater.

Their ballet and opera performances are valued all over the world.

You can enjoy climbing on a frozen Neva or riding a stroll through the snowy city.

In the end, you can always warm yourself up with a real Russian tea, maybe someone will pick a vodka beforehand.

In any case, if you visit St. Petersburg, this will be a very nice experience that will keep you remembered for a long time.

If you do not read Anna Karenina’s novel Leo Tolstoy, the work is happening in that city.

Of course, now the city is more modern.

photo source: Illustration: Legion Media


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