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Mareatai Beach Part One

The first part of Mareatai is just Omana Beach Views and the 2nd will be what I photographed of Mareatai beach after visiting Omana.

It was quite a drive from where we lived but travelled at a leisurely pace.

The Thumbnail is one of the Mareatai Wharves.

Mareatai  sounds like Marr – rai-  Tie

#1 View from Omana Beach through Pohutakawa trees

There is a drive and walk way.

#2 Pohutakawa tree detail

I am fascinated by the branches and roots...

Yes, it is our winter at this time

#3 Omana Beach Walk way

It is a pleasant looking place and the road is only one way.

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#4 View of Central Auckland from Omana Beach

You may recognise Aucklands Sky tower in the far distance

#5 View of Rangitoto Island and Brown’s Island

The tide is out Brown's Island is on the left and Rangitoto Island is on the right

#6 Children’s playground

Rope swings

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