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Hingham, a quaint little town in Norfolk England

I’d like to tell you about a small town in the county of Norfolk, England.  Hingham is where I was born.  Me and my sister were born at home, and grew up in Hingham.  I went to junior school in Hingham, and also Sunday School.  So Hingham has many special memories for me.

Hingham is a market town in the heart of Norfolk, 17 miles from the city of Norwich.  Over the years Hingham has grown with new houses and estates being built over the years.  This is mainly due to people moving to Norfolk and commuting to places like Norwich for work.  But, it still holds that community spirit when you walk through Hingham with local and independent shops, and a village green with seating where people can gather and talk.  In the 18th Century, Hingham was known as Little London.  This was due to many people with money came into Hingham and building magnificent houses, many of which can still be seen today.  In 1610 the town was granted a royal charter by Queen Anne.

Hingham has a long history of connections with the USA as Samuel Lincoln was born and raised in Hingham.  He was the great-great-great Grandfather of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the USA.  There is also a town in Massachusetts called Hingham, which was named after Hingham in Norfolk.

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The main Church in Hingham is St Andrew’s Church.  There is a bust in the Church of Abraham Lincoln.  The locals of Hingham are very proud of their connection with Abraham Lincoln, and quite rightly so.  This Church dates back to the 14th Century, and quite frankly, it’s a beautiful Church.  Every time I visit Hingham, I always make sure I pay a visit to this Church.  Although I don’t get to visit Hingham as often as I’d like to now, I do get there sometimes.  I have family still living in Hingham, and have family and ancestors buried in the cemetery, so Hingham is very close to my heart.

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Although Hingham isn’t somewhere you’d go out of your way to visit if you are a tourist, I still think it’s worth a visit.  There are many nearby market towns, such as Attleborough, Watton and Dereham close to Hingham.  After living in Hingham, I lived in the nearby town of Attleborough for a while, where my Father still lives.  Norfolk is, indeed, a beautiful county.  Although I’ve moved away from Norfolk over the years, I’ve always returned.  I think sometimes when visiting unknown places, its nice to go off the beaten track, so to speak.  There are some little gems out there which more often than not, goes unnoticed.


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  1. IMO, one of the worst things about the USA is that we don’t have places like this. I live in Chicago where there is very little that predates the fire of 1871.