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Golubac small town in east Serbia

Robin Biznis   9 September 2019, Belgrade, Serbia

I have spent the last two weeks in this small town of my wife’s birthplace.

The internet connection is also difficult to reach, so I could neither visit this site nor be active.In this and a few more stories I will write about this beautiful small and quiet city. In fact, it is a small town.

This small town lies on the right bank of the mighty and large European Danube River.So first thing about the Danube itself.

The basic natural potential of Golubac is the Danube River.

The Danube is at its widest in Golubac , about 6.5 kilometers.

                                                        View of Romania and two clouds above.     

At this part, Danube is enormous water area, suitable for development of various activities on the water and on the coast.

Starting from the fortress ,there is magnificent Golubac gorge, 13,5km long, with step,rocky cliffs,up to 300 meters high above the river level.

I used to fish every day on this beautiful water late into the night. Here is a beautiful sunset shot below.

                                                              From my fishing spot sunset view.

                                                                             Golubac fortress

                                                                       Golubac fortress

Djerdap lake is the biggest lake in Serbia.

The lake is over 100 km long and 8 km wide at its widest point. The maximum depth reaches 100 meters. The surface of the lake is 253 km², of which 163 km² is in the Serbian side and 90 km² in the Romanian side.It was created in 1972 when Yugoslavia and Romania built the Djerdap I hydroelectric power plant.

In the cover photo quay, promenade next to the Danube.


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