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The Final Chapter to Palermo

The Palermo trip was fantastic with the family.  We are looking forwards to doing this again one day.  Since it costs so much to travel overseas and get everyone together at the same time, it may be few years away.  I’m shooting for Scotland as our next destination, since that’s where my family originates from.

Paul’s family came from Palermo, Sicily.  His kids thought it would be awesome if they took us there for his sixtieth birthday.  I began reading everything I could about Sicily and what should find of interest.  The food was as good as everything that was written about it.

I do not have my notes in front of me, but this is where all of the tour buses intersect and the main drop off point for the Mondello bus-line.  It is a beautiful place that we all enjoyed and took many photos of.  There was a painting at the Museum of Modern Art of this place.

The view from the top of the villa we were staying at.  It was a great place and we all loved it very much.  I went up here the first night to get some alone time, discovering that I was not quite alone at all.  Others had the same idea and came to watch the sunset from the roof and make silly videos at the same time.

Everyone was looking at a video that they had just made, a silly video having lots of fun on the roof. Hip Hop something.  They even got their dad in the video.  He had so much fun that I didn’t complain while I shot the video!

The statues in front of the building.  Everything seems so bright and clean here.  I love this shot.  I have more, but it is late now and must return to work tomorrow.  I am waiting for the day for retirement, will travel the world then with reckless abandon.


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