Fatal Thursdays- On The Roads

What’s the busiest day of the week for your travels? For many, Mondays and early weekdays are frequent times when travelers find themselves commuting busy roadways. For most, this occurs when travelers are commuting for work and must travel to new destinations for work related events such as presentations, calls, and meetings.

Have you ever stopped to consider which day of the week might be the most dangerous for travelers? Surprisingly, Thursdays are known to be one of the most dangerous within the trucking industry. Its been determined that, after looking at the data, Thursdays are one of the most dangerous days to travel. Statistically, Thursdays are when the most accidents occur on the roadways.

Keeping Safe

As a motorist, what are things that we can do to keep ourselves safe while driving amongst big rigs on the highway? One of the most important things we can do is keep a safe distance between ourselves and the truck in front of us. Tailgating, or driving too closely, can lead to a dangerous situation if a trucker suddenly pushes his brakes to slow down abruptly. This can increase your chances of rear ending the truck and causing a pile up.

Another way to keep safe is by avoiding riding alongside trucks for a long period of time. Because of the weight and length of trucks, they must shift from time to time. Since they are much higher up than that of the typical automobile, its difficult to see motorists traveling around their rigs. Pass, or go around trucks with caution and avoid driving alongside them for long periods of time.

Be Sensible

Truck driving is not an easy task. Be sure you are keeping yourself safe, and being contentious of the obstacles that truck drivers must face when driving amongst them. And, try to avoid traveling on Thursdays!


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  1. I think Fridays have the most traffic, probably because many people are driving somewhere else for a weekend getaway. And, traffic gets worse if it is a 3-day weekend or holiday. So, I end up taking alternative routes in order to avoid idiots on the roads.

  2. Why on earth would anyone dream of driving at speed in parallel with another vehicle, of any size? Not only is it just plain stupid but it causes an obstruction for traffic following behind. Either overtake properly, or fall back and follow behind at a safe distance!

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