Time travelling visit to my teenage self

You know the question…if you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self?

Having had a couple of life-turning events in my life recently, my mind has been turning this over. What would I tell her? No need to tell the child anything; she would be surprised to know her teenage self took a plunge into the dark side, but the fact her life will turn out to be a big adventure would not surprise her, at all.

As for that very troubled and insecure teenager herself, well…

This is what I wish I could tell her, if she were to shake off her misery for a moment and listen.

Yes, you will be accepted, and loved, and the love you now hold fast, gripping it like a small live being, almost being choked to death, will have a chance to run wild and gush forth, beyond your wildest imagination.

Stop agonising. You will find your path. Or your path will find you. Trying to control events is the worst thing you can do. Relax.

You will have children, plant trees, and write a book.

You will do things, many things. Meet amazing, wonderful people. Things will happen to you. Good things. Bad things. Terrible things. Wonderful things.

But really, all that does not matter one little bit.

What matters is you will have the capacity to rise from your ashes. Every. Single. Time. And that, that has always been within you. It is a skill you do not have to learn, just hone, and Life itself will do that for you.

So, laugh a bit more. Stretch those wings. Learn to trust your ability to fly in the face of the storm. You will do more than survive.

You will thrive.


What do you think?

Written by Meiling


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  1. I love this! It’s something I’ve often thought of, what it would be like if I had met my adolescent self, something I thunk of more now that my kids are pre adolescent, how to convey that confidence to be patient & nurture the persons they’re becoming. Great writing Meiling!

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