Cape Cod February Vacation

We decided to spend school vacation week visiting one of our favorite summer spots: Cape Cod

Weather forecast was good for the early part of the week, we wouldn’t have to contend with crowds, and we were staying in a familiar hotel with an indoor pool and hot tub. We packed our bags and left Tuesday for 4 days in the Cape…

Godilocks Is Body Surfing

These three bears in Provincetown's Herring Cove have the run of the beach. It was 55ยฐ but with the wind felt much colder. If Goldilocks is taking a dip she better pray her porridge is extra hot!

No Fear

Violeta covers the waterfront as the winds pick up. The seagulls have already given up and flown away.

Namaste Here

This beautiful Buddha  fountain is at the entrance to a new age store/psychic studio called "Sanctuary" in Barnstable Village. We visited there because Kathy was looking for a Chakras Meditation CD. The store had a variety of Divination cards "Angel Cards", "Animal Spirit Cards" and "Quan Yin" cards, crystals, precious stones, books and guided imagery CDs. They had a big sign advertising an evening yoga class. It was pretty quiet, maybe we caught them at a less than busy time.

Bob Gasoi Memorial

Bob Gasoi (1932-1997) was a local artist who frequently did murals for the local "Shop Therapy" store. A memorial has been set up beside the store with jigsaw like painting pieces and images from his "Alice In Wonderland " sries.

Awestruck By The Foggy Dunes

It was foggy and mild and the image was striking on the shore as the fog drifted over the sand dunes.


Some folks will go to the beach in any kind of weather. This is one of those determined  ones.  When we arrived there were a lot of seagulls on the beach. as the waves rolled in and the winds picked up most of them left. 

Not Today…

Viterbo usually loves the beach. Today was not only too cold for swimming,  it became uncomfortable even for or usually seashell hunt stroll. Viterbo kept saying, "Dad, there's a pizza place open up the street..." It was still early, we persuaded him to get a snack and promised a dinner stop in Yarmouth on our way back to the hotel.

We’ll Be Back

Abandoned beach too cold for comfort

Salt Smell, sea shell we'll be back in a while

Come spring/summer our usual smile

Any time it's the cape we love

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