The Odd Tale of Eric Stern – Part XVIII

For two weeks Eric lived Jack Morgan’s life and loved that life.

He tried to convince himself it had all been a dream and it was time to wake up. Eric Stern left the Motel and began to drive at 4:30 am. The road was empty, but he drove cautiously, because he really didn’t want to go ‘home’.

Monday morning, time to be back at work.

It was eight forty two when he reached his office, about to drive into the parking lot when the security guard stopped him.

“Visitor parking is in front.”

“Excuse me?.” Eric barked.

“Sir, move your car, this area is only for employees.”

Eric stared at the guard whose eyes remained blank.

“Are you going to move your car?” The guard threatened.

Eric Stern drove around to the Visitors area. He knew he looked different, but not that different, did he?

As he approached the entrance he saw his reflection in the glass. He seemed so much taller and thinner than he recalled himself. Plus he was tanned, bearded and Blond!

No wonder the guard didn’t recognise him.


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Written by jaylar

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