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Bulgarian rose oil – do you know how to do it?

Bulgaria is famous throughout the world for producing the most quality rose oil.

Pink oil, rose otto or rose attar is a product of oil roses obtained by double distillation of different roses – Rosa damascena, sempervirens, moschata, centifolia and others grown in Europe, Asia and Africa . Due to its qualities and price oil is also known as “liquid gold”.

In the process of steam distillation of fresh pink color. Petals gather early in the morning in dry weather and are subjected to distillation. The oil may also be obtained by the extraction method, the material being extracted with ether to obtain the so-called & quot; “Pink concrete”. It is a soft, waxy substance from which rose oil is extracted with alcohol. Colors contain 0.02% -0.04% essential oil and in rare cases can reach up to 0.09%. Typically, from 2 to 3 tons of color, one kilogram of rose oil is obtained.

The Bulgarian rose oil differs in terms of the quantity content of its ingredients. About 283 components are found in Bulgarian rose oil.

Here are some pictures from the town of Balchik, which has been done for centuries


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