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Belgium – country with the best chocolate and beer

The first and basic reason why you should visit Belgium is certainly magnificent architecture, charming small towns on lakes, but also big cities like Antwerp, which has so much to offer. Brugge is next to Brisel the most visited city in Belgium. This picturesque, charming and incredibly fun city is one of the most favorite cities in Belgium, which has more and more visitors every year.

Beside Brugge you should definitely visit the great Ghent – a popular student city with an incredible amount of charm. My third favorite is Antwerp – many say that this tow is main fashion city in Belgium. If you wind between Brussels and Antwerp then you should know that Antwerp is much more beautiful, popular with drinking coffee in cozy cafes and small boutiques with affordable prices.

Another famous thing about Belgium is waffle. The perfect taste of a sweet dough in which you can put everything you want is simply indescribable.

Nowhere, but nowhere in the world you will not find better fries than the ones made in Belgium. Yeah, they may fried twice. Maybe they are fried even three times. But most importantly, they are the most delicious potatoes in the world. Belgians eat fries with a combination of ketchup and mayonnaise, so you should that as well.

The architecture of the whole of Brussels is incredibly impressive and one of the most famous in Europe. The main square, better known as the Grote Markt, is worth seeing just because of architecture, and you will feel like you’ve traveled to ancient time. But keep in mind, the purpose of all your travels should not be buildings, but good people, to whom Belgium abounds.

Beer is a kind of institution in Belgium and here you will find variations of beer that you could not even imagine. Ghent is considered as the vegetarian capital of the world. This city is a supporter of vegetarianism and went so far as to declare Thursday as vegetarian day. That day they are trying to persuade even those who are not vegetarians to consume vegetarian meals.

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