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For the Nutella enthusiasts, 'Hotella Nutella'

Many people in the world love eating chocolate, while chocolate spread is ‘Nutella’ which can be eaten with anything and is the favorite of chocolate enthusiasts.

In this article.  today I am going to tell you about a hotel specially designed for people who like ‘Nutella.

In California, there will soon be a hotel opening for chocolate giants where everything is made like. This hotel is named ‘Hotella Nutella’, built in Napa Valley, California. It is made especially for those who crazily like Nutella Spread.

Everything in this hotel will be based on Nutella, with furniture, watches and everything in the hotel looking like a Nutella jar. This hotel will offer consumers a meal that is made using Nutella and for that reason the hotel is also being called the World of Nutella.

The hotel will be open to consumers in 2020, an experience by the Nutella brand.

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