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Auckland Airport on Saturday

There was fog on Saturday morning and some plane flights were delayed or cancelled.

We were taken to the airport viewing carpark lounge by our neighbour John.

These are some photos I took this day.

The thumbnail is of a plane taxing to take off.

See for yourself

#1 Cloud formation

You can see the airfield from this view and you can see other cars that are spectators as well

#2 Landing

Plane overhead

#3 Plane landing

Made it into black & white

#4 Plane just landed

The same plane as the plane in black & white

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#5 Another plane about to take off

Fog in one direction

#6 Sparrow

Not waiting for a plane

#7 Black & White Arrival

Air New Zealand

#8 Sea gulls

As a pair

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#9 Pair of Seagulls


#10 Black & white Seagulls


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    • Yes, when I consider a trained pilot has to check their own plane before take off, the plane is safest because the pilots know the skies are less forgiving.
      Yet if we were as vigilant as pilots with our cars there would be less road accidents

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