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A Trip to Portugal's Costa Vicentina

The last full day I had in Portugal I took the car out along the coast, through the Parque Natural which encompasses the entire area, and visited several empty beaches and rocky promontories, including Europe’s southwestern tip.

#1 Praia do Telheiro

Praia do Telheiro. This definitely sounds better in Portuguese, as it translates as "Beach of the Shed" ? Miles and miles of pristine sandy beach. I'm tempted to return in the summer, but of course it won't be so empty then!

  1. OH my goodness! From a photography enthusiast, this is brilliant. As a beach kid, this is dangerous. You can see the rip tides clearly. And that storm brewing. This could be a great wall hanger Norman.

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#2 Sagres

Portugal's (and Europe's) most southwesterly point, at Sagres. Also, it seems, Europe's windiest point, but worth braving the breeze for the views!

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#3 Pork Tenderloin and Clams

We got dinner in a no-frills seafood joint right on the coast. Sam and I settled for pork tenderloin with clams, which was truly melt-in-your-mouth 🙂

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#4 Another beach

Another beach, further north (can't remember the name, sorry!) The way here took us over some very rough tracks, and we arrived just as the light was fading, quite early as this was mid-winter. We couldn't stay long, as I didn't want to negotiate that track in complete darkness!

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#5 Praia do Telheiro (video)

This 20-second video will bring home the beautiful desertedness of this beach!

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