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@DocAnderson came up with an excellent idea on the gripe thread about having a user maintained bug tracking system. I have decided to introduce it and maintain the list

Below is my example of how to file a bug report- try to describe the issue as clearly as possible. List out the steps to reproduce this bug when applicable. Use links whenever you can and avoid speculating on the cause unless you have a programming background…

You can also write up a standalone defect report and link it here with the hashtag #bugtracking

#3 #2 Quiz/Poll bugs!

1. Edited questions or answers may not be registered on the first save. So multiple saves is needed for questions/answers to show correctly.

2. Results generated always missing the last row "81-100%" (or it appears as 0-100% instead) after published or saving. Need multiple saves (more than 8-10 saves) to get it to show correctly.

3. Sometimes you're not allowed to add a new option/answer to a question unless you save it first... (happens to me)

I hope that these bugs could be solve. At least not too many saves needed.


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