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this bug makes me want to scream

I am going to celebrate easter in the badlands, so knowing this, I did two additional posts yesterday and saved them as drafts. and one of them was specifically easter themed

got up today and tried to publish my drafts, but I can’t so you have no content from me today. and even when this bug is fixed, my easter post will be late!!!

#1 even rick and morty are appalled

but it isn't the end of the world, you'll just miss some content for one day. it is a small price to pay for all the improvements we're getting around here

I didn't do this piece, BTW

#2 I didn’t do this one, either

I could just copy and paste everything over, but I don't have time for that. I don't have time to reply to any of your comments either, I gotta hit the road

have a happy easter, I'll see you all tomorrow


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  1. When I am creating a post, the photo disappears. I have to copy my post, refresh the page, then the photo appears, and paste the contents of the post. This is what you don’t have time for I guess. Hopefully things will be better tomorrow.


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