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I read my fair share of articles about leveraging Twitter to drive traffic to my content. However, I’m never sure if some of the tips apply to small user with less than 5000 followers. With that in mind, I conducted my own test this weekend in regards to “Tweet Frequency”. Would a higher volume of tweets lead to more engagement in terms of likes, re-tweets, link-clicks, etc.

Over the weekend, I more than tripled my average tweet volume. Did it result in more engagement? While my “engagement rate” remained relatively flat, more tweets did lead to more likes, more re-tweets, and more link-clicks. The raw data is in the chart below.

In addition to a higher number of likes and re-tweets, my rate of “likes per tweet” and “re-tweets per tweet” was also better. With that in mind, I may make an effort to continue tweeting more frequently. To be continued…


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Written by Chris B.

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  1. Interesting points, as DocAndersen mentions, still I would like to see if it resulted to increase of your followers numbers
    Also, it is important what a ‘conversion’ is considered to you and if this change has resulted to an increase of the conversion rate.
    I would like to follow your twitter feed, and it would be nice if you had mentioned it in your post.
    My twitter handle is (still new in town!)

    All the best with your efforts!

  2. Interesting points, although I would argue that you may still be content driven. The real test would be reposting or tweeting the same post but at an increased velocity to see if in fact number would equal increase. Still interesting points.

    • I alternated tweeting my Virily content and my YouTube content. While I’m constantly adding new content, sometimes older content does just fine. Content that has historically done very well on YouTube sometimes doesn’t get any “likes” or “retweets” on Twitter.

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