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I have been shipping and selling online for many years. I started on the AOL forums. From there I moved to Yahoo auctions and then eBay. I am frustrated now with the level of fees and the horrible customer service that eBay provides sellers. It is one of those things. If the service is free and I don’t pay a fee, then it would be acceptable. Since I pay for the service, it isn’t acceptable. One of the things, however,r that has changed since I started is the ease of shipping. When I was first shipping things post an online sale, it was often a trip to the post office. That meant waiting in line, and then once the next thing sold repeating the process. The rise of postal scales and printable postage is a huge benefit!

I don’t sell year-round on eBay because of the frustration with their customer service. I do understand the complexity of technology and systems built around solving problems. But when I have an issue, I would prefer not to waste my time trying to solve it. Since I pay a rather large percentage of every sale to eBay for customer service, I would like the customer service, please. It is my rule, and the reason I started this blog 15 years ago. I ran into a really poor company service situation with Vonage. In fact, I will never deal with that company again. They attempted to charge me for something I had canceled. That happens from time to time when I called they said and notified me an email that all services were shut off. A year later I got a collection call telling me I owd Vonage more than 300 dollars.

What happened next? I sent Vonage the email they sent me notifying me that my entire account had been paid in full and shut off. Suddenly the collection bill went away. But this was born my customer service blog. Vonage and Noah’s Properties of Gaithersburg are the only two companies that remain on my list, of horrific customer service, which never tried to get off. There have been other companies, but in most cases, they have reached out and tried to get off that list. Noah’s and Vonage get the record for least effort made to at least get me too sad, from completely infuriated. Sad and I might at least say they tried to solve the mutual problem. Infuriated and I post blogs and Yelp reviews. Overall I don’t forget poor customer service.

What do you think?

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I am a long time blogger and technology poster.I focus on what is possible, but I also try to see what is coming. In recent years I have been focused on sharing the memories of my family, as part of my Family History Project.


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  1. I sympathize with you. Customer service should be a paramount thing for every company. I do not have a blog, or sell on eBay etc. But sometimes i have to deal with for example a resident telephone company (ie: Bell) which uses outside people in their help desk. Unfortunately, even though these persons speak English, I cannot understand them because of their accent. It is very frustrating. I would much rather deal with an online chat type help desk. But there is no escaping some bad day on the phone or the internet in this day or age.

    • If you are selling items purchased with already taxed money (net income) for less than you paid for them there is no tax. Or you can take depreciation on larger items and make the tax non-existent. But I wouldn’t sell on eBay if I wasn’t committed there at this point.

  2. I recently wrote a post about my first sale online – a print of my artwork. It is great that they do all the work but I get just one part of the price… I was thinking about trying other sites as well but first I have to check shipping and other terms… I will also maybe write an article about that too, to see if there are some suggestions, especially for artists, because Virily unfortunately isn’t enough… I am also thinking about making blogs and personal presentations on other or my own sites, and trying selling on other sites besides Society6, but if there are fees like on those you mentioned then such sites are out of the question… Can you suggest me some, for international selling…?

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