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Sometimes for me, the path to inspiration can be a tough one to focus on. I sometimes find myself wandering far afield without rhyme or reason. Mostly it is what interests me as I ponder what to write each day. Some days that is easy, some days what to write is hard. Today, for example, is a hard day, In part, because I wasn’t feeling well earlier in the week and took the easy topics and used them. In part because it is the dry period of technology releases. Yes, there are many products out there, but not many that inspire me to do a review (good or bad). One of the things I find interesting is the first/second generation of dog or cat collars that include GPS chips. Interesting, but they are still early generation, and I am waiting a little longer on those.

I talked about Crowdfunding projects that failed, and ones that succeeded. `Those were my long time saved topics.  Now I have to dig a new well of fresh topics. Funny how that works out. In the old days, I would do a numbers blog (10,000 visits over the past 30 days). But I don’t write for CloudTweaks as often now, and my monthly views are down overall. I am averaging around 2700 views a month right now overall. I average 10,000 views on my Yelp reviews every month. I guess that goes to show, my reviews are loved more than my blogs. But I write the reviews on Yelp for other people; I write my blogs for myself. The things I am thinking about. The memories I want to share.

I am going to end this technology lost table today with a couple of final thoughts. The first is on the reality of what has changed in the technology world in just the past five years. Cloud has emerged and following right behind cloud computing, was the Internet of Things. Yes, the cloud empowers what is called IoT. The Internet of Things now has a new component we call edge. But Edge computing is an old song sun again. Where do you put the processing, new the user or near the data? If you can do both, it is a win-win. But Edge is pushing computing clouder to the information to continue working through the issue of which is critical. Sometimes the person is critical. Sometimes the data is critical. That is the reality of edge computing.

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