Seriously, the lazy answer is calling it Fake or False News. As the reader/viewer you are responsible for knowing both sides.

I’ve been having a discussion with another writer here on Virily about the reality of the media in particular in the US, but there are global ramifications. We need to have a fact-based discussion of what is and isn’t.

  1. The media is the most controlled legally component of the US today. There are more laws, more court rulings and statues that limit the media and its presentation than any other industry except for those controlled by the FDA.
    1. FCC audits news stations and pulls the right to broadcast if they violate the law.
    2. No one media group is allowed to own a predominance of stations in a specific area (radio/TV/Newspaper)
    3. Based on the punitive nature of our divisive nation today, it is shocking to me that people who are sources wish to remain anonymous. A newspaper in Annapolis published an article 5 or more years ago. The subject of that article called it “fake news” and sued. He LOST that battle in court. Then he walked into that newspaper and shot 5 people dead.
  2. The reality of Facebook and social media is that it is not news. It is not a source nor can it be referenced as a source. That goes for anything on the internet not specially owned by a company. The reason for this is that opinion isn’t supported by fact. Facts and news require a commitment to that information. People may not like what the media says, but stop playing the fake and false news game.
  3. Fake news and false news p0ublished by a media organization results in fines for that organization and often if done willfully by a newscaster the termination of that newscaster.
  4. The libel and Defamation laws are clear and concise Fake and False news is simply a way around the legal requirements of proof. Why do people avoid proof? Because they have no facts to back their position.
  5. The fake/false news issue started with a pronouncement by the Press Secretary of the United States. He declared in a press conference that the inauguration of Donald Trump had more attendees than that of Barrack Obama 8 year before. The hard data shows that the inauguration of Mr. Trump (national part service published this report) had less than ¾ of the crows size. The WH began publishing the phrase alternative facts, and of course, denounced the media for pointing out the error (calling fake news). Additionally, the WH forced the US park service to remove the published numbers form the site, for the first time.
  6. #MeToo is a real thing and must be respected. Woman have been treated poorly in the world, and they deserve better. Every woman that comes forward must be listened to
  7. More journalists jailed because of speaking out in the world, in 2017 than in previous years. What voice do we have as individuals if we take away the voice of media?

As a human being, it makes me sad that people have fallen into the pit of false and fake news. There is no path out of that pit. There was a time in this nation when yellow journalism was so bad that we passed laws to prohibit that. Yellow Journalism was a very bad thing. But false news and Fake news with no facts to back the claims is YELLOW Journalism.

The first rule of debate, using the option to say opinion is bad, but defaults mean your argument is wrong.

I wish beyond wish, and dream beyond dreaming that Aldous Huxley was wrong in his book “Brave new world.” The end of which, the last lines of the book speak now to the world we have created. “Oh brave new world, to have people such as this in it.”


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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  1. I learned a phrase years ago that has helped me in certain situations. There have been many times when I do not agree with others. More times than not usually. I have learned it is always better to agree to disagree. Then walk away. Just sayin’. That is why I avoid religion and politics as a discussion. They are both very controversial. And we all have the right to think and believe how we decide.

    Have a great day Doc.

  2. It is the basic; ‘follow the money’. Where one can be sued the likelihood that their presentations will be accurate is close to certainty. Where one can not be sued, they can say anything with impunity. I have long written about ‘White House Insider’ written by Ulsterman which was believed by millions of people. I knew, for a fact, it was a hoax created in the Triond Forum sometime in 2009 to make money.

    I knew, for a fact (IP address) that much of the pro=Trump stuff that was published on Facebook was by Macedonian youths to make money.

    The infamous ‘alternative news’ (shades of Nineteen Eighty Four) fools those who want to be fooled.

    What I have learned in life is that people accept what confirms their prejudices without investigation.

    • Thanks for your comment, there is a lot here to digest. It is during difficult times that we have to see what both sides are thinking. In understanding both sides, we are able to choose the side that fits what we believe.

      • Doesn’t make a difference if one believes Oleander is poisonous or not; it will kill you. That we are in the ‘Brave New World’.

        The BBC was interviewing people in the U.S. who live in the ‘Bible Belt’ who support Trump and everything we have ever said/thought/believed about the red necks was proven.

        In fact, if one were doing a comedy spoof on these people, you couldn’t make them sound stupider.

        • As someone that lived in the Bible belt for many years, I would argue the presentation of “red necks.” was valid. First off a red neck is a demeaning name give to a farmer (bent over in the field all day their necks get sunburns). We have to know and understand both sides.

          • When they have comedy shows, the red necks always talk in this slow and stupid drawl and have no sense. That is exactly how they sounded on the BBC interview. First I thought it was a spoof… but it wasn’t.

          • They interviewed them on the BBC… anyone in the world can go and hear the interviews. I’m not talking about some personal quirky thing… It was a bunch of different people.

            They made Forrest Gump seem genius.

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