#Metoo Vs #Mentoo

Recently #metoo was very much talked about in the press, especially in India. It was a movement for women to highlight their plight who have been sexually harassed by men in different walks of like.

At the same time, cases have come to the fore, where, taking advantage of the immunity granted by the legal system in India, women were accusing innocent men too.

To help those men who are falsely accused of sexual harassment and restore their honor and dignity in the society, a new movement called #mentoo is also launched in India.

In the wake of false accusations by some women with ulterior motives, I think such a movement is the need of the hour since under the law, both men and woman has to be treated equal.

What do you think? You can cast your vote below and express your views in the comments section.

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  • Men and women should be treated as equal under the law.

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  • #mentoo movement is need of the hour

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  1. Men have oppressed and ill treated women for centuries and yet in a few months when men are wrongly accused they seem to feel the pain.
    I do believe that all should be treated rightly.
    But where were the men so long? Are they crying because they are getting paid in their own coin? Just raising these question for thought.
    Maybe we need to look at men or women not as lesser halves but as complimentary to each other.

  2. As a woman, I’m surely happy that rape and reports from women are taken seriously.
    At the same time, I do believe some women exploit innocent men.
    There should be severe penalties for people who lie in front of the law, and better ways to investigate whether the crime that was reported was true or not, which is very difficult in case of rape. Not all women react by scratching or leaving marks, after all.
    A false accusation is nothing but slander, and it can ruin a man’s reputation, especially when the accusation involves rape.

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