The battle of the sexes means no sex?


As a rule of thumb your dating peak was your late 20s.  It was the decade you had the most fun on a level gender playing field. As a 30-year-old guy you could look and occasional touch ( not physically but metaphorically of course) and as a 40-years-old you could look but don’t touch. As a 50-year -old you can’t touch or look, which is pretty depressing, as you are still the 18-year-old guy inside. You get funny looks at my age glancing at pretty girls with the familiar pursed lips and curled up mouth in dismissive riposte. In fact, somewhat counter intuitively, if you are still handsome at 40 its school girls that check you out, not women your own age. Lol. You are basically seen as a creep if you are single and 50 and still looking, unless you are rich, of course.  The other day I walked past a school, chucked the football back over the railings and waved at the kids. The security guard then told me to get moving or else. I wanted to punch him full in the face for thinking I was a child molester or something. How did we get to this place where we don’t trust each other anymore? Or maybe it was always the case.

You do wonder how much of the #metoo movement has changed women’s attitudes to men and vice versa. I certainly respect more women after hearing their #metoo stories and have changed my manner around them (which I would describe as polite but cheeky as is). Something that really struck with me as how annoyed they get from work place flirting. It’s not something I ever thought about but all those little chat ups wear them down and you don’t realize how much that can undermine them, especially if they are your boss or professional work colleague. I always thought women liked to flirt at work and I only did it to make them Smile. Now I know different. If you think about it you are a guy with a female boss and you call her darling or babe it’s hard to have authority. Lesson learnt.

The #metoo movement, of course, has dissolved away like any other internet fad as it was mostly led by movie stars and the entertainment industry and with just Bill Cosby locked up and the Weinstein trial close to collapse it does look like lot of woman made accusations to get even rather than prosecute. Now that’s done can we move on? Black women on the OJ jury voted to let him off murder because he is black and good looking and they like OJ. The prejudice and sense of injustice is always there. There were just two black women on the Bill Cosby Jury. We vote on race and gender.

The question now, is; are the men heading away from the alpha male stereotype and so more fearful and mistrusting of women because of this? Are women regretting men are less manly and forthcoming in the battle of the sexes and so unappealing? We know women won’t date men that are smaller than them and so always that primeval need for men to be physically superior to them. This is the person that’s going to protect you and your kids, right? I have never felt equals attract and always scratch my head at these women who like house husbands. I’m not saying men should be in charge but I do feel that’s what women secretly want that from their men and why they get into so many #metoo situations.


What do you think?


Written by Phillip Ellis

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